Interzum 2022

28-31.03.2022 Guangzhou, China

SCM reconfirms its attendance at Interzum Guangzhou 2022, the main trade fair event in China for the woodworking industry.

Are you looking for highly innovative, efficient technological solutions to produce top quality design products? If so, don’t miss the

new SCM “Integrated Compact Factory”

Be amazed by a complete factory model for panel machining in a few square metres and with just three, yet cutting edge technological solutions.

The main advantages? An excellent end product quality, a high level of efficiency, even in the most flexible machining, and a MES management system that optimises 4.0 programming, management and interconnection of the entire production flow.

Last but not least, it is a cell of automated, modular and scalable technologies which, depending on the different production needs, can be integrated with additional and even more advanced solutions.

The “Integrated Compact factory” in detail

Beam saw

Discover the special features of the gabbiani beam saws sizing area:

  • a productivity of up to 8 m3 per shift, thanks to the high speed device that allows to reach a speed of 70 m/min of the pusher and 100 m/min of the carriage, without any additional maintenance;
  • an excellent cutting finish thanks to the exclusive characteristics of the blade carriage;
  • a high precision in every phase of working;
  • stability, compactness and maximum repeatability of the cut over time;
  • the possibility of enabling or disabling the selective air floating on each working table with the additional advantage of obtaining maximum cleanliness and smoothness only where needed.
Nesting and drilling-routing

The cell also features the morbidelli x200 machining centre, the ideal solution for flexible "batch 1" production. Among the many exclusive advantages:

  • a nesting machining of pieces that are even shaped, and in a variety of sizes, with a cutting speed of up to 50 m/min and unprecedented productivity levels for this technology;
  • a strong reduction of the machine's set-up times: all the machining work is done without removing the spoil panel, even in 3D thanks to the X-POD suction cups;
  • a maximum precision: even the smallest pieces can be blocked during machining thanks to the new X-Vacuum system which activates a dynamic vacuum concentrated on the worktable zone where machining is ongoing;
  • an even faster machining speed thanks to its integration with an articulated robot for the panels unloading.


Edge banding

The cell on demonstration will also include the new stefani x, designed to offer top machining quality on any kind of panel and material. Enjoy the many advantages of the configuration on show:

  • a machining speed of up to 30 m/min. over the course of several shifts a day;
  • an excellent flexibility when changing glue thanks to the unique “glue switch" solution, thus achieving even more flexible, efficient production;
  • a top-quality gluing on any type of edge as the intensity of the first pressure roller can be automatically adjusted by the edgebanding machine's control system according to the edge being used;
  • the edge can be replaced with a reduced distance between the panels thanks to the new automatic edge change device with 2 and 6 rolls and with a roller change system that allows for a reduced interspacing of 350 mm without limiting the machine's performances;
  • a new range of high-end electronic units (end trimming, rounding and glue scraping) designed to ensure an easy use even for more complex machinings on delicate, trending materials, as well as repeatability, quality and accurate production processes;
  • an automatic panel return system to speed up the production process further even when machining small batches.

Also in evidence the SCM AirFusion+ technology which allows for edgebanding without the use of glue, making the joint between edge and panel invisible.

And much more...

The SCM team will be presenting an extensive programme of virtual demos on the latest technologies most in line with Chinese market demands.

Nesting machine: X200 10 minutes
Edge bander with Airfusion 10 minutes
stefani x edge bander 10 minutes
Edge bander with J-SHAPE 10 minutes
CNC with Edge function: P200 10 minutes
Intelligent multi-rows drilling machine: PWX 10 minutes