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cut c is the perfect solution for end-of-line cardboard packaging thanks to the independent longitudinal cutting and creasing units, and the crossway unit. These groups, driven by brushless motors and inclined toothing racks, provide excellent flexibility for box formats while keeping high productivity levels.

The operator calls up the required box from the interface, or by reading a barcode, while in the most automated lines the product dimensional reading is done by 3D scanner and then passed directly to “cut c”.

The machine can also be fitted with a cardboard box storage of varying widths in order to optimise the consumption of cardboard according to the sizes of the required box.


Space optimization, this solution avoids the storage of dozens of different box formats and their handling, resulting in less labor.

Productive flexibility, it enables to create customized cardboard box, which differ one from the other in format and size according to just in time principles.

Package size optimization, the packaging is wrapped to the product actual size, thus avoiding the use of expensive additional filling materials and related labor time.

High productivity, more than 2 boxes per minute thanks to the use of brushless motors with very quick positioning setup.

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