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stefani cell E is the synthesis in flexible edgebanding cells that combines the customised production of panels previously sized with a compact overall design and, above all, with an accessible investment even for SMEs. 
EdgeStore Manager
The automatic learning system via barcode or QRcode reader combines the program to be executed with the correct edge for extremely simple and fast management of the edge coil change. Thanks to the dedicated interface of the Maestro active edge software, all edge information (name, color, thickness, consumption, etc.) are always available on a single screen.
Robot loop kit
The composition with SCM robotics automates production to the maximum with panel loading   without  an operator.  Integrable with existing handling system , the SCM robotic cell will perfectly adapt to the production process with a big reduction in management time.
Simple, integrated, versatile
Stefani cell E is standard equipped for operation in self-learning mode via Bar Code / QR Code or through the Maestro active watch supervisor, which is able to adapt to any level of logical and physical integration. The self-learning of the information allows the automatic machine set up  for the subsequent processing without any intervention by the operator.
New automation to accelerate business
Thanks to the new "pickback" gantry return system for the loop and  automatic panel unloading   the operator needs only to manage the  reinserting of  panels  to  the edgebander  in conditions of maximum ergonomics and simplicity.
Technical data
Machinable dimensions with lengthwise feeding
(length x width) (min/max)
min/max 250x95 / 3000x1200
Machinable dimensions with crosswise feeding
(length x width) (min/max)
min/max 120x250/ 1200x3000
Operators 1
Program change to Batch 1 (reading of unique code on panel by Bar Code / Qr Code) - NO
Possibility to size the panel - YES
Change of colour, thickness, edge protection film - YES
Panel dimension change - YES
Groove position and depth (in flexible mode) - NO
Glue dosage change - YES
Addition of a panel during Batch 1 machining - YES
Homogeneous panel management - YES
Closed loop management - YES
Panel re-machining - YES
Edge bander model - stefani xd / stefani s
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