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celaschi spl30 is the new throughfeed panel saw that allows to split (cut in half) finished panels. Integrated in line with a stefani edge bander and a dedicated automation, it is the ideal solution for the production of narrow panels edged on 4 sides. Equipped with a bottom pneumatic scoring unit, a fixed top scoring unit and a sawblade, it allows to cut ven edged panels both crosswise and lengthwise. The workpiece transport system can be by belts or feed chains.


HIGH PERFORMANCES thanks to workpiece feed speed up to 60 m/min (depending on machine composition) and pre-arrangement for in-line integration.

FAST AND SIMPLE MANAGEMENT of the machine functions with eye-M PRO console and Maestro active square software enabling interface also with the supervisor software.

GREAT PROCESSING QUALITY thanks to the machine structure and the devices inherited from celaschi double-end tenoners.

Technical data

Workpiece length min/max


300 / 3200

Workpiece width at infeed min/max


124 / 1244

Workpiece width at outfeed min/max


60+60 / 620+620

Feed speed max

m/min 60

Scoring unit motor power 

kW 8

Cutting-off unit motor power 

kW 15


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