Cms tecnocut proline: redefining the frontiers of waterjet technology!

31 Mar 2021

Cms Metal Technology expands its technical solutions offered to the market with an exclusive, unprecedented, waterjet cutting system. Cms tecnocut proline, with its compact, sturdy single-block design, is the ultimate solution for productivity and versatility, while maintaining machining accuracy and repeatability at the top of its category, with particular attention to working environment and operator safety.


  • -35% less floor space, due to the electric intensifier style pump integrated into the machine frame
  • -33% shorter cutting cycle with the JD5 5-axis head, due to the lack of recovery from the head revolutions between consecutive cuts
  • -85% reduction in costs to remove and dispose of used abrasive due to Cms's exclusive dredge
  • Up to two 4150 bar (60K PSI) integrated electric intensifiers for maximum cutting versatility

The current market is challenging manufacturing companies with highly competitive scenarios. There are strategic factors that are essential for meeting these needs:

  • the possibility to adapt specific technologies in order to maximise the flexibility of the production process
  • the reduction in cycle times, due to easy and user-friendly programming
  • the reduction in operating costs to manage the cutting system


  • Stainless steel tank that is already prepared to include an optional retrofit Dredge, pipe rotary axis, automatic water level system, and 5-axis calibration TCP
  • Front and rear automated hatches to protect the operator and create a cleaner working environment
  • Positioning precisions and axes repeatability respectively of +/- 0.035 mm and +/- 0.025 mm to meet the most demanding cutting applications
  • Video camera integrated into the Z-axis to capture the cutting area to accurately determine the origin of the work
  • Laser line projector to easily and rapidly check the alignment of the material with respect to the cutting X-axis