Tigerstop Tigerfence

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Measuring System - Automatic Measuring - Tigerstop Tigerfence

Make your panel saw ROAR with Tigerstop!

Just think how much time will be saved by not having to walk around your panel saw each time the rip fence needs to be adjusted or readjusted. Now, each time your operator needs to move material to a precise position, all he has to do is enter the length of the finished part and hit the “Start” key.
TigerFence moves to the precise position (+/- 0.08 mm repeatable accuracy), the first time…every time.
TigerFence is a retrofit to your panel saw or standard table saw

Get 30-40% more production from your panel saw with the Tigerstop Tigerfence.

  • Working Lengths available – 600mm/ 1210mm and 1770mm
  • Drive speed – up to 254mm per second
  • Repeatable Accuracy – +/- 0.08 mm
  • Driven by 19mm lead screw
  • Can be fitted to most saws
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