accord 50 fxm

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accord 50 fxm

5-Axis machining centre with mobile gantry structure, equipped with the performing SCM aluminum multifunction worktable and designed for manufacturing complex-shaped and large-sized objects.
It meets the needs of many sectors, from design elements in wood to applications for plastic and advanced materials.


The architecture of the machine is designed to perform routing and drilling of work pieces up to 500 mm in height.

Precision and finish quality at the highest level on the entire work area, thanks to the powerful 5-axis machining head for heavy-duty processing: 17 kW from 12000 to 24000 rpm.

The SCM aluminum multi-function worktable ensures a perfect lasting planarity.
Direct integrated vacuum and specially designed T-shaped grooves allow an optimum locking of the work pieces and the positioning of any type of mechanical clamping equipments.

Thanks to the Xilog Maestro software suite developed by SCM, programming is easy, intuitive and effective.
- Maestro 3D integrated module for 5-axis machining of 3D surfaces.
- Maestro Pro View simulator, for visualizing in advance the machining operations to be carried out on the machine on a PC in the office.

Technical data
X-axis working area mm from 3650 to 6170
Y-axis working area mm from 1600 to 2120
Component passage mm 500
Electrospindle power kW 17
Tool-changer nr. positions from 12 to 72


SCM Automatic Worktable

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