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Compact 3 GLS is an automatic spraying machine designed for glass painting which is ideal for those who need to work on the small batches in a precise way. The electronic system manages the spraying area control. The central conveyor in the spraying area has a paper protection system. The machine can also be equipped with a lacquer supply system with a speedy-cup on the arm for painting small batches.


ACCURACY: The electronic control system of the spraying area allows the machine to identify the incoming glass products through a specific reading system for glass application by adjusting the optimal spraying width.

QUALITY: Double spraying arm is installed on a high precision linear guide.

COSTS SAVING: Production costs are reduced compared to manual spraying, and the machine can be equipped with automatic color change software or with a speedy-cup on the arm.

CLEANING: The full-size doors allow access to the cabin from both sides for easy cleaning and maintenance operations.

Technical data

gls 1300

Working width

1300 mm.

Working height

900 mm.

Feed speed

 2 : 6 m/min

Conveying system

with paper protecting device

Electronic control

 PLC or PC as option

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