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Finishing systems - Application and drying systems for the graphic arts - METALCURE - UV dryers

Superfici has created a system dedicated to the intermediate and final curing of UV inks on metal for the metal decorating market. RELIABILITY, EASE OF USE AND SPEED OF PRODUCTION are the qualities that characterised UV ECO metal Superfici systems, capable of avoiding completely the problems that may be related to UV technology in metal decorating. The belt conveyor system with air depression ensures the stability of the metal sheet guaranteeing high production speeds. Superfici supplies systems up to 1650 mm wide.


POWER: The lamps used are the result of thirty years of experience.

They can work at a maximum power of 200 W/cm. Thanks to the electronic igniters you can get very low standby power ( about 15%) that allow a significant energy saving.

Each lamp has a three-phase power supply, reflector swivilling control sensors in case of standby or line shut-down and continuous adjustment of the working power of manual type or, automatically controlled by the printing speed.

ADAPTABILITY: Superfici has created a system suitable to be applied on any type of printing machine.

ENERGY SAVING: Very high reliability with energy consumption reduced up to 40% compared to a traditional system.

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