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celaschi sp are numerically controlled multi rip saws ideal for cross-cutting boards. They are designed with a variable number of operating units equipped with a scorer and a saw-blade, which allow throughfeed sizing in high productivity lines. All the unit positionings are performed with brushless motors.


HIGH PRODUCTION RATES with the workpiece transport system which allows a feed speed of up to 70 m/min.

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY OF CUTTING PATTERNS thanks to independent, electronically positioned operating units.

QUICK PROGRAMMING AND REPORTING with the eye-M PRO touch screen control panel and Maestro active square machine software.

Technical data

Processable materials



nr.  cutting units

from 3 to 12 (one by one excludable)

Dimensions of each board max.



Dimensions of finished workpiece 


Feed speed max.

m/min 70

Scoring unit motor power 

kW 3 at 6000 rpm

Cutting-off unit motor power 

kW 10 at 4500 rpm


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