JOB 20

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Aluminium Processing - Tables & Trolleys - JOB 20

FOM Fulcrum Window Assembly Bench with extendable and adjustable bars, tilting (80°) and manually rotating (360°) worktable.
A safe and reliable way to increase productivity and efficiency in fabricating aluminium windows.

  • Highly robust bench supporting up to 130kg frames
  • Pneumatic tilting 0/80° & turning 360°
  • Nuts, bolts & accessories drawers
  • Rounded surface gaskets to protect the material being worked
  • Crushing prevention safety system as table descends
  • All bars of the work table can be extended, moved sideways and tilted.
  • Rotation through 360° with pneumatic locking
  • Adjustable feet (in height)
  • Supplied with 3 pneumatic connection points for tooling
  • Fold up roller bar support (optional)
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