FOM Isos Aluminium Copy Router

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Aluminium Processing - Copy Routers - FOM Isos Aluminium Copy Router

FOM Isos Aluminium Copy Router, 100% Italian made and engineered.

Tired of machining your door styles by hand? Save time and money with the ISOS heavy duty copy router.

It’s easy to use characteristics, large capacity routing template and smooth operation all adds up to a perfect job every single time.

It is loaded with additional features such as mist spray lubrication, dual clamping system and pneumatic tracing pin. The standout feature of this machine is the pneumatic “Z” axis locking system making it 50% more rigid than a standard copy router.

A full range of accessories for infeed, out feed rollers and measuring devices are available.

  • Spindle with double rotation speed 6000rpm & 12,000rpm
  • Possibility of machining with copying jigs or mechanical stops
  • Highly duty spindle
  • Quick spindle stop for tool changing
  • Total dimension mm 850 x 730 x 1640h; Kg 150
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