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flexstore hp, the automatic 3 axes storage, to optimize the handling of different panes designed for medium-large industries, it can be integrated in production lines for nesting and/or sizing cells, with a significant increase in productivity and considerable reduction of costs. flexstore hp manages homogeneous and mixed stacks, i.e. made of different dimensions and colors, and raw panels and/or panels with low thickness up to 3 mm depending on the material to process.

  • Increased quality thanks to the accurate and precise handling of the boards with the pickup table fitted with systems designed specially to maintain the surface finish
  • Complete traceability in the automatic integrated processes, the panel can be tracked thanks to the automatic labelling, performed in the line with the cutting diagram, before it is machined by the machine
  • High levels of productivity and reliability thanks to a sturdy steel structure that allows for high performance levels and the handling of heavy and large components
  • Simple and efficient management of the production to order thanks to the dynamic rationalisation of the distribution and movement of materials performed by the Maestro active store management software developed by SCM
  • Optimisation of the space, the highly modular design of the magazine, along with the maximum height of the stack in the storage area, ensures that the space available in the production site is used as effectively as possible.
Technical data
Magazine width m 9 -12 – 16
Panel width mm 800 - 2200 
400 ÷ 2200 (opt.) 
Panels lenght mm

1800 - 3200 
2200 ÷ 4250 (opt.) 
2440 ÷ 5600 (opt.)

Panels thickness mm

Coated: 10 ÷ 40 (opt. 3 ÷ 40) 
Unfinished MDF: 16 ÷ 40 (opt. 3 ÷ 40) 
Unfinished chipboard: 16 ÷ 40 (opt. 6 ÷ 40)

Max. panel weight Kg 250 (opt.350)



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