Quality control

An all-round control system guaranteeing quality products. The company has a series of tools it uses for
all-round process control and that of the product material


There is an ERP IT system to plan each production stage and deal with traceability archive information on all the production activities and controls carried out.

The company normally issues 3.1 and 3.2 certificates, employing the services provided by outstanding external research laboratories and in collaboration with Universities.


Checks for 3.1 certification


  • 2 benches for three-dimensional checks
  • 1 instrument for laser scanning checks
  • Hardness checks on samples and castings

Metal checks

  • Spectrophotometer for chemical analysis of the metal
  • Instrument for heat analysis on the solidification of the cast iron sample
  • Hardness test for grey cast iron
  • Micrography with image analysis tool
  • Traction test
  • Spheroidization tests with ultrasound instrument

ADVANCED ANALYSES ON MATERIALS (external laboratories)

  • Microhardness tests for phase characterisations
  • Micrography with electronic microscope and punctual analyses of the phases with scattering
  • Corrosion tests on paints
  • Fatigue resistance tests
  • Load tests with analyses of deformations
  • X-ray and gamma analysis

Other internal checks

  • Checks with ultrasound instruments to detect internal defects
  • Checks with magnetoscope to identify surface defects
  • Checks on moulding sands, using sharpness index detection, powder percentage, loss by calcination and sulphur content
  • Checks on fire-resistant paints used
  • Checks on paints applied to pieces
  • Leak tests on penetrating liquids
  • Leak tests with air