A history of success spanning back more than 70 years

The origins of the SCM Foundry date back to 1937 with the launch of a collaboration
between the Lanfranco Aureli foundry and that of Nicola Gemmani and partners.



In 1943, this collaboration lead to the foundation of a company with the collective name of Gemmani Nicoletti & C. with partners Nicola Gemmani, Lanfranco Aureli, Giovanni Nicoletti and Guido Agostini.

The foundry initially specialised in casting cast iron and other metals and operated mainly in the field of agricultural machinery. Over time, its work turned increasingly towards the area of cast iron casting while those of other metals declined.

Since 1960, the work has continued in the sole hands of Giuseppe Gemmani, Nicola's son and Lanfranco Aureli, who decided to establish a new company which they called SCM Fonderie. The company specialises exclusively in the casting of grey iron, ductile iron and compact graphite iron (CGI) for the production of machinery to machine wood, SCM's expert field and the other division developed by the two partners which resulted in the current leader Group in the machinery and industrial components sector, Scm Group.