Software for Storage systems

Machine software solutions: Maestro active store

Software for storage systems

Maestro active store is the software that fully supervises and controls SCM storage systems.


Maestro active store optimizes all processes in the storage:

  • Optimizing the material movements;
  • Managing the offcuts;
  • Real-time controling the status and the operations of the whole cell managed by SCM flexstore storage system
  • Integrating the storage order processing with the purchase system

Maestro active store directly communicates with:

  • The cutting optimizer, receiving from the optimizer the optimized cutting patterns and returning to the optimizer the material availability for further optimizations.
  • Beam saws and CNC nesting machines, optimizing the material movements between the storage and the machines.

Functions and benefits at a glance

  • Adjustable optimization for maximum storage productivity. Smart machine feeding to maximize the productivity of the cell.
  • Full integration. Full integration with customer ERP, MES and other optimization software.
  • Full control of real time storage management. Materials location real-time visualization for real-time process monitoring.
  • Productivity enhancement. Dynamic storage sorting and optimal stocks planning according to customer material use in order to minimize picking time.
  • Cost reduction. Offcut management with offcut availability and location display even if stored in external storage.
  • Full control of production performance. Report generator to analyze data and enhance the line productivity.


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