3 juni 2019

Diary at Ligna. Outstanding results for SCM "Smart&Human" factory

As far as contacts and business opportunities are concerned, 2019 Ligna edition was a great success...

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31 mei 2019

Diary at Ligna. Plenty of interest in the SCM range, the most extensive in the world of woodworking

From the digital factory with its state of the art automated cells, integrated by industrial and...

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30 mei 2019

Diary at Ligna. Visitors from all over the world and great business opportunities: huge success for SCM at the Trade Fair

Ligna continues to produce outstanding results. The current edition of the Hanover Trade Fair,...

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29 mei 2019

Diary at Ligna. SCM at the Hanover Trade Fair: 60 years of success

Delegations of clients from all over Europe, but also from countries as far afield as China and...

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28 mei 2019

Diary at Ligna. An incredible start for SCM

Already excellent attendance and plenty of enthusiasm on the first day of the trade fair for SCM's...

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27 mei 2019

Diary at Ligna. After the Sales Meeting, SCM is ready to demonstrate all the latest in woodworking

The SCM team is back together, having gathered from every corner of the globe, ready to welcome the...

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1 april 2019

State of the Art SCM Automation at INTERZUM Guangzhou was a huge success

SCM plays a key role in the latest edition of Interzum Guangzhou 2019 with a selection of its wide...

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29 maart 2019

The future of the furniture industry at the SCM Brazil open house

The new technologies for nesting are ready to transform the furniture industry and SCM is an active...

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15 maart 2019

SCM Austria: a grand opening with a “Smart” factory spirit

The SCM Austria opening continues with great enthusiasm and audience participation. The third day...

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14 maart 2019

SCM Austria opened

“The Austrian market is a strategic part of the SCM international growth plan. With the opening...

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13 maart 2019

SCM Austria Opening: on the starting line!

Everything is ready for the official opening of SCM Austria, the new branch that confirms and...

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13 maart 2019

SCM Smart&Human Factory | Video Open House 2019

Relive the SCM Open House 2019.  

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7 maart 2019

Timber houses: SCM alongside industry professionals at the Forum in Tallinn

Extensive participation of the general public at the Forum Wood Building Baltic 2019 in Tallinn,...

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27 februari 2019

SCM at the Forum Wood Building Baltic 2019, and the new Oikos X once again takes centre stage

After Garmisch and Verona, the largest, most extensive and specialist forum on wood construction...

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12 februari 2019

German Design Award

Important recognition for the new HMI developed by SCM, as it awaits its official debut at Ligna...

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7 februari 2019

SCM at Legno&Edilizia with the new OIKOS X

A continually expanding sector that is increasingly focused on technological innovation. In the...

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6 februari 2019

SCM, partner of Ligna Preview in Hanover

Once again this year, SCM was one of the main sponsors of Ligna Preview, the industry’s...

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4 februari 2019

Thousands of visitors for the “SCM smart” factory

More than 2,500 visitors from all over Europe, as well as Asia, America and the Middle East flocked...

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1 februari 2019

The SCM Open Days continue with the spotlight on “NeXting Generation”

Participants have arrived from every part of the globe to the SCM Technology Center for the...

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1 februari 2019

Record participation at the SMART&HUMAN FACTORY

Day one of the SCM Open Days saw hundreds of visitors to the Technology Center in Rimini to find...

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30 januari 2019

A record Sales Meeting for SCM, on the eve of the Open Days 2019

Two days of intense training as well as interaction and socialising before launching into the...

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25 januari 2019

The factory of the future at SCM Open Days

We're just days away from the SCM “Smart&Human Factory” open house, to be held from 31...

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18 januari 2019

There's great anticipation surrounding the “Smart&Human Factory” made in SCM

2019 gets off to a flying start with wood-working sector innovation, specifically, for the...

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11 december 2018

Kristof Van Dun Bvba kiest voor de OIKOS 12

Na een 4-daagse training in de SCM-fabriek in Sinalunga, werd ook de OIKOS 12-machine van Kristof...

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30 oktober 2018

Groot succes voor SCM en Rogiers op Prowood

Een groot succes en een recordaantal bezoekers voor SCM-technologieën en oplossingen tijdens de...

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22 oktober 2018

Great success for SCM's "Drilling is no longer boring" event: the new era of drilling starts now

A resounding success, with hundreds of visitors from all over the world: the latest products by Scm...

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19 oktober 2018

"Drilling is no longer boring": with SCM, the future of drilling is already here

Unrivalled productivity, top quality and finishing, unlimited flexibility, automation and the...

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6 september 2018

SCM Winner of the 2018 Challengers Award at IWF 2018

The Challengers Award promotes the development of innovative new technology in...

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19 juli 2018

Scm at Formobile

Formóbile 2018 was characterized by SCM rebranding in the Brazil territory. An important and...

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15 juni 2018

Italian Technology and Design for homes that are on the move

Nord Produkt is one of Europe’s leading constructors of mobile homes - the modular holiday home...

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