30 oktober 2018

Groot succes voor SCM en Rogiers op Prowood

Een groot succes en een recordaantal bezoekers voor SCM-technologieën en oplossingen tijdens de...

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22 oktober 2018

Great success for SCM's "Drilling is no longer boring" event: the new era of drilling starts now

A resounding success, with hundreds of visitors from all over the world: the latest products by Scm...

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19 oktober 2018

"Drilling is no longer boring": with SCM, the future of drilling is already here

Unrivalled productivity, top quality and finishing, unlimited flexibility, automation and the...

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6 september 2018

SCM Winner of the 2018 Challengers Award at IWF 2018

The Challengers Award promotes the development of innovative new technology in...

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19 juli 2018

Scm at Formobile

Formóbile 2018 was characterized by SCM rebranding in the Brazil territory. An important and...

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15 juni 2018

Italian Technology and Design for homes that are on the move

Nord Produkt is one of Europe’s leading constructors of mobile homes - the modular holiday home...

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14 juni 2018

At the business school: An intense school year also for Scm Group

Another school year has ended, and the moment has arrived, for Scm Group too, to “give out the...

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12 juni 2018

Staying connected in Thiene using edgebanding technology

Great interest in the innovative SCM edgebanding technology during technical training days and...

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11 mei 2018

More pictures from the Xylexpo tradeshow

Enjoy the pictures from the tradeshow

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11 mei 2018

SCM teaching lessons at Xylexpo

Visits by classes of professional training schools specialized in the woodworking sector are...

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10 mei 2018

SCM raking up prizes at Xylexpo Innovation Awards

SCM is the leader in innovation at Xylexpo. Among this year's exhibitors, SCM is the one that...

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8 mei 2018

First day at the Xylexpo fair

First day at the Xylexpo fair, celebrating SCM’s international reach and training. In addition to...

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26 maart 2018

Holz-Handwerk turns out to be a huge success for SCM

Record attendance and enormous interest shown in the innovative Maestro Digital Systems, the latest range of presses and machining centres for door and window manufacturers

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22 maart 2018

Record turnout at Holz-Handwerk

Enjoy the pictures of the latest trends and innovations for the woodworking & wood processing sector

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21 maart 2018

Work Simple, Work Digital at Holz-Handwerk

At our 1,300 square-meters stand visitors could get a close look at the best-of-class woodworking machines

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21 maart 2018

Holz-Handwerk opens, starring SCM

Group toast to celebrate the participation of SCM in the 19th edition of the Nuremberg...

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20 februari 2018

SCM Digital Days

Relive the SCM Digital Days

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28 januari 2018

Thousands of visitors to SCM Digital Days

Thousands of visitors from Europe, Asia, Middle East and South America attend the SCM Digital Days at the Rimini Headquarters

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26 januari 2018

In the heart of the digital factory with the SCM smart glasses

A record turnout with visitors from every corner of the world at the Scm Digital Days, now underway at the company's Rimini headquarters

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25 januari 2018

SCM Digital Days

From the new woodworking Industry 4.0 trends to the latest-generation machines designed to make work at small carpentry shops as well as large multinational corporations ever easier, faster and more creative. 

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24 januari 2018

SCM DIGITAL Dealer Training 2018

Technological innovation never stops at the Scm Technology Center in Rimini. Focus on frontline digital innovation in woodworking technology.

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23 januari 2018

SCM at the Xylexpo International Press Conference

At the Xylexpo fair, SCM will have a unique 3,000 square meter stand, confirming its decades-long commitment to the Italian and European markets.

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23 oktober 2017

From Moscow new generations of woodworking technology specialists

In early October, SCM Russia inaugurated its new showroom in Moscow during the first open-house held in that territory.

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18 oktober 2017

CNC Timber-Evolution Days first edition: a great success

Advanced CNC technologies, new projects and a clear market growth have contributed to the success of the SCM open house dedicated to wooden housing solutions.

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13 oktober 2017

CNC Timber-Evolution Days are now open

On its way since this morning is SCM's 2-day open house dedicated to wooden housing production technologies.

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12 oktober 2017

Nord Produkt mobile homes at the Rimini Sun trade show

The Croatian producer of mobile homes NORD PRODUKT will present its latest solutions made by SCM and CMS technologies at the Rimini Sun trade show from 12 to 14 October.

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10 oktober 2017

PDS the UK Doors and Windows Company with SCM Integra

P.D.S. chooses SCM Integra, the integrated cell made to produce any type of window frame.

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31 juli 2017

In Las Vegas SCM wins the "Visionary New Product Award"

The revolutionary SCM cell has just won the most prestigious prize in its sector: the AWFS VISIONARY AWARD.

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21 juli 2017

A great start for SCM at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

Crowds of visitors packed the large SCM stand (Booth 8200/8600) and the number of deals and sales agreements exceeded expectations.

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18 juli 2017

SCM technological excellence at AWFS Fair 2017

From 19 to 22 July Scm will be present at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

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