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CNC Machining Centres - CNC Machining Centres for solid wood routing and drilling - accord 42 fx

CNC machining centre with mobile gantry structure equipped with a machining head consisting of two routing units, the ideal solution for the machining of doors, windows, stairs and solid wood elements.
Designed for heavy duty operations, it is suitable for those companies requiring high productivity on variable batches, thanks to its versatility.


Combined machining head with 3 and 5 independent axes.
The alternate use of the two routing units reduces the cycle time: while one unit is working, the other performs the tool change in masked time.

Heavy duty profiling performed at high speed for a perfect finish quality, using the rear routing unit equipped with the 21 kW electrospindle.

The MATIC bars worktable with direct transmission system and independent drive units, assures the complete set-up in seconds.
Simple and quick replacement of clamps and suction cups through the exclusive rapid locking device.

Simple and intuitive programming, thanks to the MAESTRO software that includes modules for different applications.

Technical data
    accord 42 fx
Working areas
X-Y-Z axes dimensions mm 5020x1680x350
X-Y-Z axes max. speed m/min 95-90-30
Machining head
5 axes electrospindle motor power (max.) kW 12
3/4 axes electrospindle motor power (max.) kW 21
5 axes electrospindle rotation speed (max.) rpm 24000
3/4 axes electrospindle rotation speed (max.) rpm 24000
Tool stores
Tool store on machining head positions 12
Rear tool store positions 48
Front tool store positions 16
Drilling unit
Vertical and horizontal spindles (max.) n. 26
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 8000
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