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The Jolly Colla is an automatic precision metering glue gun. Equipped with a multifunctional glue application designed to spread exact quantity of glue with continuous stream or impulse dosing modes. The quantity adjustment is performed by a potentiometer while the spreading is controlled with a single electric push button located on the gun. The machine is equipped with two large pressurized tanks, one for the product to be applied and one for the purging the glue system with distilled water.

A perfect complement for cabinet manufacturers who utilize dowel construction or need precise amounts of glue for drawer box assembly. The Jolly Colla controls the exact amount of glue insertion in the end panel prior to assembly at the case clamp. Manual glue dosing from a squeeze bottle can result in excess glue with a consequence of clean up issues or deficiency in glue with a starved glue joint and possible joint failure.


  • Glue application is as simple as the push of a button;
  • Precise quantity of glue is always applied by means of electronic dosage control;
  • The Jolly Colla works with a single injection or continuous mode;
  • Quality and ease of assembly.

Premium features:

  • Glue quantity adjustment controlled with a potentiometer placed on the control panel controlled by electronic card;
  • impulse or continuous mode;
  • two large pressurized tanks, one for glue and the second for distilled water;
  • machine optioned with one or two injectors.
Technical data
Glue tank capacity 8 liters (2 gallons)
Washing tank capacity 8 liters (2 gallons)
Air pressure 1-6 BAR
Glue viscosity 1500-4000 cps
Feed tube length 3 m
Absorbed power 250 W
Voltage upon request single phase 110V
Control voltage 12 VDC
Overall dimensions 600mmx350mmx980mm
Packing dimensions 900mmx400mmx700mm
Net weight 40 Kg. (85 lbs)
Gross weight 45 Kg. (99 lbs)


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