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Beam saws - Cross cutting beam saws - gabbiani cfx

Designed for the large-scale woodworking company who needs a panel saw purpose-built for cutting post-formed strips individually or in packs. A wide choice of optional equipment is able to meet any requirement. The gabbiani cfx series is available in configurations suitable for a variety of production applications: manual loading, working cell operation or in-line operation.
All gabbiani machines are equipped with PRISMATIC GUIDES for both the movement of the saw carriage and the vertical movements of the blades.

  1. Working continuos flow
  2. Versatile and ergonomics
  3. User friendly
  4. Low cost
  5. High productivity
  6. The PRISMATIC GUIDES allows to obtain:
    • high cutting precision
    • maximum reliability
    • maintenance free thanks to centralised and control monitored lubrication
    • high resistance to mechanical stress


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Flexible automation for panel sizing

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