Holz-Handwerk 2016

16-19.03.2016 Nuremberg, Germany

SCM Group, a world leader in designing, producing and distributing technologically advanced solutions for the woodworking industry, will be present at the 18th edition of the Holz-Handwerk trade fair, open from 16 to 19 March 2016 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre.

Visitors will be welcomed in a new exhibition space of over 1,300 square metres dedicated to the group's new products and solutions. "Strong Reasons Why" will be the driving concept behind the entire SCM communication campaign at the fair. The idea is to focus on the group's strong values, which translate into tangible benefits for operators, and to demonstrate the company's ability to offer industry professionals an extremely wide and complete range of woodworking products and solutions.

The new stand reflects such key concepts as brand identity, reliability and technological innovation, enhanced by an impressive arrangement and an effective and elegant graphic design, which once again confirms the SCM Group ability to offer state-of-the-arts solutions that perfectly meet the needs of an ever evolving market.


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Product highlights



Software, the common denominator of all production technology innovations, will be the welcoming theme upon entering the SCM Group technological "promenade". Its focus will be the Xilog Maestro software suite for machining centres -- modular and packed with specific programmes for a variety of applications (panel processing, solid wood processing, wall and beam processing, sawing, lines and systems, edging). Introduced in support of sawing processes will be Ottimo Cut, the powerful plain sawing optimising software application; in support of edgebanding, the E-Touch application, able to programme and test all machining phases using a virtual 3D preview with a simple click; in support of timber construction machining centres, the Quicklink software integrated with the new nesting function to process X-lam/CLT wall panels; and finally the line supervisor Watch, developed for integrated systems and complete system management.


The expertise of SCM machining centres will be demonstrated by two models of the Accord range. Presented for the very first time at Holz-Handwerk, the Accord 50 FX is the new 5-axis machining centre, with a fixed worktable and mobile gantry, capable of routing and drilling workpieces up to 500 mm in height using large tools. It is designed to meet the needs of many different applications, from design elements made of wood to products made of plastic or high-tech materials.


Accord 25 FX is the machining centre that offers high-tech solutions and ease of use with a relatively small investment, ideal for small and medium-sized companies producing doors, windows, stairs and solid wood furniture. Equipped with the Matic fully automatic worktable, the Prisma 5-axis machining head and the Pro-Speed safety system, it allows a complete machining of the workpiece while requiring far shorter times for set-ups and tool changes, thus optimising productivity.



As part of the automatic planers-moulders line, SCM will display the Superset NPTL which can process workpieces from 25x6 mm to 260x200 mm. It comes with a TTL device for automatic adjustment of the left vertical spindle, allowing you to process a series of pieces with different widths without the need to change machine settings.


On display for the first time in Nuremberg will be also the drilling-routing and edging machining centre Morbidelli Planet P800, designed to simplify the machining of shaped panels up to 6360x1905 mm, ideal for the furniture industry which can benefit from the use of a single high-performance machine for panel routing, drilling and edgebanding.

Highly modular, it allows machining of customised products with edges applied on panels that are up to 80-mm thick, ensuring perfect 0-360 joints. Maestro Edge, the new 3D software application, simple and safe, allows you to manage the entire production cycle, from an initial idea to the finished product, with optimised execution speed.


The Morbidelli Cyflex hp machining centre for drilling is one of the most eagerly awaited products, with its promise of increased productivity. This solution, which occupies a space of less than 10 square metres, boasts shorter cycle times than any other product available on the market thanks to its two independent drilling heads which optimise any drilling pattern and a 6.6 kW at 24,000 RPM spindle equipped with a 6-tool storage, to always ensure maximum productivity while working on a single batch.

An important contribution is also promised by the SCM Tech Z5 – Z2 line of machining centres, integrated with new devices that allow you to complete panel machining processes without requiring manual adjustments.

C.M.S. Wood Technology

Part of the SCM Group stand will be set aside for C.M.S. Industries, which through its Wood Technology Division designs, engineers and manufactures CNC woodworking machining centres. Learn more on C.M.S. industries' website.


Representing the SCM products for sizing and automation is the 3-axis storage system Flexstore S, integrated with the Sigma Impact beam saw. This easy-to-use solution guarantees optimised material flow and machining times at a relatively small investment. Its storage system comes with a new configuration that includes the automatic device for the labelling of panels, now available with this model. This optional feature enables the creation and printing of labels on panels, including written text, bar-codes or images directly on board the machine. Thanks to that, the full tracking of each single furniture component being processed, without requiring any operator's intervention, which translates into drastic reduction of the cell cycle times.

This ensures complete traceability and identification of every single furniture item being produced, without requiring any operator's intervention, which translates into drastic reduction of production cycle times within the cell.


The Stefani product line will be represented at the fair by the XD Industrial Edge Banding Solutions for the production of high-design furniture. Among the benefits offered by these solutions are high productivity at low operating costs, high return on investment, manufacturing quality that exceeds any standard, technical perfection without compromises, top finishing quality, high flexibility, powerful E-Touch interface to nearly instantly transform a desired finish into a machine programme.

The new component that comes with the Scm Olimpic K560 edgebander and with the Stefani Solutions is the SGP flexible glue pot, which highly optimises production times and costs thanks to its automatic dispensing and dosing, its patented sealing of spilled glue when the roller is stopped, and its reduced amount of circulating melted glue.

In addition, Olimpic K560 comes with the EVA glue premelter and the Air Fusion technology to offer small- and medium-sized companies a compact, versatile product equipped with edge scrapers and trimmers which can work at 2 different radii, from infinitely thin to solid wood 8 mm thick. On view at the fair will also be the Scm Olimpic K360, a popular entry-level edgebander with a rounding unit.


DMC will take part in the Holz-Handwerk fair with the System range of flexible sanders, a "modular technological container" which, with the use of innovative technological devices unique in sector, allow users to achieve first-class handmade-like finishes, such as the saw cutting effect, worm-holes effect, hand scraped effect (DMC patented), longitudinal and transversal waves effect, in addition to a wide variety of brushing and rustication effects.

The Scm range of sanders will be represented by the Sandya 900, an ideal choice for achieving the most diversified and finest finishes.


STARTECH CN has been designed for the small-medium woodworking workshops but also for larger companies that produce customised products, with in house prototype development departments.
Thanks to the 7 independent vertical spindles, the spindle and the blade in “X”, the possibility to drill in “Y”, finished furniture elements can be produced without having to adjust the bits with no operator’s intervention for the worktable and machine set-up according to the panel dimensions.

Also on display at the fair will be the “L’invincible Six" circular saw offering options for oblique cuts at +-46°, a first-class product of SCM's design and technical excellence.

Following its great success at Ligna Hannover 2015, Luciano Molinari's “500 Kube” returns to the SCM Group stand at Holz Handwerk to welcome visitors interested in machines for artisans and artists. With the "500 Kube" project, SCM Group fuels the passion for wood and helps transform it into art and design through the craftsman's creativity and the use of a technological perfect tool.


Among the finishing solutions, the Superfici company will present Maestro, the hi-tech high-performance human-like robot for painting window and door frames or any hanging element.

The 6-axis robot can be expanded to fit more complex installations and equipped with a pressurisation system. Its reliability, consistency and quality of performance are guaranteed by the robot's repeatability and precise execution.

The system is designed to facilitate painting of large items such as windows and doors.

Thanks to the use of an intuitive computer control programme and a 2D system for the automatic acquisition of elements to be painted, it is now possible to easily associate paint recipes with colour changes, recalling previously stored sequences of operation formulas. The solution can be easily integrated with the SCM complete product lines, which employ various transportation and drying systems that, through the use of microwave technology, offer far shorter processing times.


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