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Growing withdoor and window technology. The Falegnameria Bussi has always entrusted its production to Scm specialists

It is always a pleasure to go back every few years to visit the Falegnameria Bussi company in Santa Sofia, near Forlì and Cesena in the Romagna region of Italy.

With over thirty years of specialised experience in window and door frame production, it goes without saying that the Scm “family” in its production area has grown over the years. After all, Claudio and Caterina Bussi, who have now been joined by their children, Elena and Marco, have always been extremely loyal to the Scm Group.

“I began work in the carpentry sector with a second-hand P75 spindle moulder - Claudio Bussi told us - bought from a local dealer. I then went on to buy a number of manual and combined machines, including a circular saw and a new spindle moulder.

When I bought the P75 I felt like I'd bought a Ferrari. After that we visited Scm whenever there was an event or open house - I never missed one - and I always kept in touch with Scm technology dealers.

As the years went by, though, and our business expanded, I decided that I wanted to create a direct relationship with Scm.”


“When I bought the P75 I felt like I'd bought a Ferrari. After that we visited Scm whenever there was an event or open house - I never missed one - and I always kept in touch with Scm technology dealers.” - Claudio Bussi, Founder of the Falegnameria Bussi

“When you start using more advanced machines in your production processes, you need direct contact with the machine manufacturer - continued Bussi - and since then I've always had that. It was a decision that has allowed us to renew our machines over the years and we have always relied on SCM's extremely competitive solutions.”

“All the members of our team find the Scm machine interface easy to operate. And for small businesses, like ours, having one supplier for all our technological requirements and the diverse production situations we face every day is both a guarantee and an added value. That's why, in addition to our Scm Superset NT throughfeed moulder, Scm Record NT machining centre and the NC integrated Scm Windor line for door and windor frames, we have recently added a DMC System T3 1350 wide belt sander, that not only sands the frames, but also creates brushed or rustic effects.

Loyal to Scm and... to wood

“Do you feel as loyal to your main material, wood, as you do to the Scm Group?” we ask.

“Today the world has changed,” replies Claudio Bussi. “The door and window sector is constantly evolving, which encourages us to look ahead and experiment with other products, but our main material is still wood.”

“Have recent years been a difficult time for woodworking companies?”

“Yes, without a doubt, even if in our case we have succeed in maintaining positive market results thanks to the quality of our products and because we have focused more and more on foreign markets.Today, my children look after the sales area that is the heart of the company.   

We have also always been popular with private customers who have high standards but are willing to pay the right price for a quality job. Italian window and door frame manufacturers have got everything it takes to be successful both nationally and internationally.”

Our visit to Falegnameria Bussi confirmed that the factory has grown in constant synergy with the development of Scm Group technology. And this was backed up by Marino Cabassi who has always worked for the company:

“These are safe, easy-to-use machines. I began working here in 1985 so I have grown up with Falegnameria Bussi and Scm. And I have seen them both develop in line with changes in production times and costs. Doors are an essential part of a home's furnishings and we can certainly guarantee a high quality product thanks to CNC machines that carry the product directly through to the painting area.”

Written by Pietro Ferrari
for Sistema Serramento


Bussi (Italy)

Manufacturer of windows, window frames, doors and frames in solid and laminated wood


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