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Systems for doors and windows - Angular machining centres for doors and windows - windor nt1

Angular machining centre for doors and windows frame manufacturing.
It is possible to perform all of the essential operations of end-cutting, tenoning, drilling-routing and profiling regardless of construction concept, joint and section type.
The machine structure is completely enclosed in order to reduce noise to a minimum and ensure maximum safety for the operator.


Production of all types of tenon, straight and angled.
Excellent precision during the processing thanks to the solid structure of the tenoning carriage.

No limits to profile execution: to meet all the profiling requirements, the machine can be fitted with two 50x320 mm spindles.

SCM innovative touch screen console eye-M allows a comfortable easy navigation of the machine managing software, Next, with a simple and intuitive interface.

The drilling-routing unit allows to perform all the complementary machining: the machined work-pieces are ready to be assembled.

Technical data
    windor nt1
Min. - max. work-piece length mm 200 - 3000 (200 - 3800 opt.)
Min. - max. work-piece width mm 40 - 200
Min. - max. work-piece thickness mm 40 - 140
Maximum tenon angle   ± 60°
Feed speed of tenoning carriage m/min 0 ÷ 12
Feed speed in profiling m/min 6 (4 ÷ 10 opt.)
Worktable height in tenoning mm 990
Worktable height in profiling mm 870
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