sergiani gs

sergiani gs

Press with electronic control and manual loading/unloading: the unique solutions and the utmost precision of the mechanical machining operations ensure high surface and gluing quality of the product being pressed. Highly versatile, it can be used for veneered panels, hollow-core doors and multi-layered panels. Available in numerous versions that can be configured with a vast range of accessories to meet all types of pressing requirements.


HEATED PLATEN SUPPORTS: very best quality of the pressed product
The structural design and construction technology of the press and the heated platen supports (SERGIANI esclusive)ensures flexing is absolutely negligible even at maximum pressures.
The heated platens and the hydraulic components are sourced from leading manufacturers to drastically reduce maintenance and ensure long-lasting reliability.

MAXIMUM PLANARITY CONTROL OF THE MOVEMENT OF THE MOBILE TABLE: the best quality of the pressed product thanks to the unique system with 6 racks (SERGIANI exclusive) not found on any other similar. Along with the electronic planarity control unit (optional) it protects the press from irregular loading errors in the platens when opening.

Exclusive panels in thermal insulation fibre thickness 18 mm make structural expansions absolutely negligible.The unique boiler control software and the recirculation system ensure the best quality of the pressed product, reduced maintenance and achieve maximum and long-lasting efficiency and reliability.

MACHINE WITHOUT CE NORMS: for the countries not adhering to the european safety regulations it is not compulsory to request the machine in conformity with C.E. norms.

Technical data

gs 6 / 90           

6 cylinders / 90 ton. -  platens 2.500 x 1300 mm e 3.000 x 1.300 mm

gs 6 / 120

6 cylinders / 120 ton. -  platens 3.000 x 1.300 mm                                   

gs 8 / 120

8cylindersi / 120 ton. -  platens 3.500 x 1.300 mm

gs 8 / 160

8cylinders / 160 ton. -  platens 3.500 x 1.300 mm
Type of platens  PA  Assembled  -  PM  Solid  -  PE  Electric
Heating BA  Electrical water boiler  -  BO  Electrical oil boiler -  PE Electrical platens
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