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A new perspective on integrated manufacturing 4.0

The Maestro Xplore application takes you on an effective and immersive VR tour of SCM Engineering integrated manufacturing solutions. Using the Oculus Rift viewer you can see all the production lines and machines and enter a unique world of sensory experience, with the possibility of navigating within SCM machines and of being impressed by each and every detail of the manufacturing process.

The market requires us to move more and more towards flexible and reconfigurable systems.
Maestro Xplore allows a dynamic productivity calculation for the entire production line, to be performed during the pre-sale design phase.


With the Maestro Xplore you can

  • Set productivity levels for the entire production line, based on the product mix and machine cycle times.

  • Optimise production configuration according to the specific needs of each company and based on customised integrated manufacturing.

  • Have better control – by intervening in a timely manner – over wait times due to overbooked resources and over production phases, balancing machine processes to avoid idle times.


3D Virtual Reality

  • Ability to travel freely within a system model before it has been installed and commissioned.

  • The Immersive Virtual Reality tour shows you the production line in action, complete with the workpieces being processed and transported, offering
    a vividly realistic view and helping you better understand the entire manufacturing process.


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