SCM celebrates an Xylexpo edition marked by tall numbers

14 May 2018

SCM celebrates an Xylexpo edition marked by tall numbers, global reach, innovative technologies and highly specialised training.

The closing day, Saturday, with as strong a turnout as in previous days, confirmed the ranking of the SCM 3,000 sq m stand, second to none in beauty and multimedia use, as one of the top attractions in this fair.

One of the largest delegations to visit us on Saturday was that of Confartigianato from Vicenza, a group of some fifty wood industry professionals and operators who were welcomed by Luca Bergantini, SCM Regional Manager, Italy, and Gabriele Mingo, Area Manager for North East Italy.

In addition to the many customers, who flocked to the fair to see with their own eyes SCM’s latest digital and technological innovations, dozens of Group employees came from various Italian factories: from Rimini to Villa Verucchio and San Marino, from Thiene to Zogno (CMS headquarters). Giovanni Gemmani, SCM Group President, welcomed and thanked them for coming, demonstrating a strong sense of belonging and a team spirit that continue to bind such a large team as ours.