7-9.11.2017 Nottingham, UK



Nottingham, 7-8-9 NOVEMBER 2017, 9am to 5pm
A three day event showcasing SCM best offer

Designed to change how you think about your manufacturing, SCM UK OPEN HOUSE will show you how to improve your business to INDUSTRY 4.0 standards.

Implement innovative yet simple production automation, handling and software solutions allowing you to gain the edge on your competition.

Connect with key industry partners including software, tooling, edgebanding tapes, finance and more, all under one roof.



5 Axis Machines

Winner of the ‘Gold Star’ Award at the AWISA exhibition, the SCM Accord range of 5 Axis machines eliminates the need for aggregates. The use of simple and intuitive programming gives you extreme versatility. You’ll be able to see production of sash windows and arches on the MATIC automatic table using SCM Maestro or Kosmosoft Archimede softwares, and appreciating the unrivalled finish of Oertli and Leitz tooling.

On the new "innovation packed" Morbidelli CNC Author M100, you will see door production with tandem loading, quick squaring, lock recess and hinges execution in 3 axis mode. Demos also include up to 6 mt. long stair strings as a demonstration of Author flexibility and capability.

Window Centre and Moulders

With productivity close to 30 windows per shift, the tried and tested combination of our automatic moulder Superset NT and window centre Dogma confirm how new touch screen interfaces and traditional machining processes offer great quality, optimal precision and high productivity in a simple and super reliable manner.

Also interesting to see for solid wood companies there will be Classical machines and sanders for all needs and investment capabilities. Profiset 40 four sided moulder, Ti120 Class spindle moulder, S520 surface planer, Sandya 1, 300 and 600 sanders, Si350 table saw.


Panel Nesting

When most competitors where only sizing panels with beam saws, SCM and Morbidelli were already nesting for small and large manufacturers. SCM Ergons have been producing, often on multiple shifts, for over twenty years, something no competitor can claim. SCM nesting is now getting even faster with tooling solutions allowing cutting speeds of up to 50mt/min. The Universal 3122 cell with loading and unloading offers flexibility and productivity backed by its Maestro Nest software, with optimization paths to increase productivity up to 30%. For those that lack space in their factory, our SCM Pratix S22 leads the way in compact high speed nesting with small ticket price and high productivity, starting from footprints of less than  20 square metres.  Test both CNC’s to understand which one solution meets your needs.


Stefani is UK’s favourite soft-forming edgebander. It’s J-Shape solution has also been awarded product of the year in several shows around the World. Edgebanding expertise though in SCM starts from the small shop: Minimax Me20, 35 and 40 are the entry level of an outstanding range of edgebanders. In Nottigham you’ll be able to see our K560 complete with AirFusion technology, view and touch it’s seamless joint line, or check the industrial level Solution XD with its multiedge automatic changeover system. Any type of contemporary materials (acrylic, aluminum edges with a protective film, High Gloss materials, sanded or un-sanded wood and laser edges) can be applied with total control from the onboard touch screen computer.  Stefani has invented and developed many of the edgebanding solutions later embraced by many manufacturers, and that have guaranteed its precision and reliability since 1952.


For automatic, fast and flexible drilling you’ll find Morbidelli Cyflex SR. A compact machine with vertical feeding of the panels to process all boring and routing patterns on nested or beam saw sized panels. It’s amazing set up, drilling speed and precision will bring immediate benefit where heavy drilling is required.

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