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Three generations and a constant attention to design. Mobart 85 is a specialised artisan business producing furniture and offering high-end interior design.
After acquiring two SCM machining centres that brought considerable advantages in terms of productivity and machining quality, the Caslini family visited the Surface Tech Lab at Villa Verucchio to see the application advantages in the vast range of SCM sanding solutions, for themselves. The result? Another purchase, for even more ambitious horizons.

Alongside the most important design brands in the world with exclusive, quality furnishing ideas. Whether it be a table, a chest of drawers or a smaller magazine holder, there is always something that strikes us as we enter the Mobart 85 showroom: a unique attention to detail.

Product uniqueness and quality are the absolute mission for this artisan company specialising in the production of furniture and interior design. We are in Inverigo, in the province of Como, in an area like Brianza which, for the international furniture industry certainly needs no introduction. Giuseppe Caslini, has been running his family business with a passion since 1985, after working for a period alongside his father, Renzo. But it all began long before that. As far back as the early 1940s, his grandfather, Mario, was already producing his first pieces of furniture in a small workshop.

"In 1985, after I finished school, I had two choices: start up a business of my own that was not furniture production, or take over the family business. I chose the latter and launched Mobart 85." Caslini tells us, now with his sisters Betty and Maria working alongside him as well as his nephew Daniele, representing the fourth generation and who is already very active in the "Mobart 85 Factory".  

Their work develops along two parallel channels, but always for an exclusive clientele. On the one hand, we have third-party production of quality furnishings, which is distributed across the globe through some of the best known and respected companies in the industry. More than 80 per cent of these products is sold abroad. On the other hand, there is the running of an interior design service and customised production, especially for villas, designed to tailor fit the personal requirements of clients and architects. Everything from the project to delivery.

Production that is increasingly more flexible and “just-in-time”

From the peak of its lengthy experience, Mobart 85 has a clear vision of how work has changed in the furniture industry from the past to the current day. "Our clientele has become increasingly more demanding. They request a well-controlled, quality product; they want delivery times met, that are increasingly tighter and they want you to work more in "batch 1" and "just in time" mode. The requirements are, therefore, greater flexibility and speed, while always ensuring a high level of quality".

Increasingly more difficult challenges for a company that produces everything internally. "We start with the preliminary design or rendering which is then developed at technical and production level. We focus carefully on the details of each individual element and product on the piece of furniture - adds Caslini. It is then sent for production, controlled by an innovative software that allows us to track the entire flow with rigorous quality control: from wood working, for the more manual work which an artisan company like ours should never overlook, the product moves on to be machined on the drilling and routing machines, then to sanding, polishing and, finally, to the assembly and packaging department, with labelling and shipment to the customer".

How important is technology? "Over the last ten years, we have had to keep up. We have improved some plants by acquiring new, better performing machinery. At the same time, we have also acquired state-of-the-art 3D phase design management programs, to ensure better control of production and examine each minuscule detail. With the new technological solutions adopted - continues the owner of Mobart 85 - we have managed to achieve a better product with faster machining times. It is difficult to calculate it, but I think that over the years, thanks to this machinery, all of which is 4.0 controlled, we have seen a 20% rise in productivity”.

A limitless sanding with "dmc system"

The "dmc system" sanding machine is our most recent purchase from SCM. "An extremely important machine for us as it allows us to distinguish and improve the sanding of a panel, whether it be unfinished or painted - explains Caslini -. As it is a high performing solution, with various operator units, this also allows us to work and sand doors on furniture that is slightly hollowed as well as inlaid wooden furniture without marking the panel". 

Thanks to SCM's "dmc system", Mobart 85 has achieved better machining quality at this process stage, even managing to win new and very interesting orders. 

To complete the process, the Como based company also has another SCM "dmc sd 70" sanding machine to calibrate the unfinished panel.

“morbidelli m800” and "accord 25 fx" our first SCM purchases

We first "fell in love" with the Group from Rimini in 2016, thanks to a machining centre for drilling and routing which was to replace a 4-axis copier we had already been using for a number of years. “We wanted to increase quality and productivity, so we purchased a "morbidelli m800" with automatic worktables – continues Caslini-. We are extremely satisfied from a precision and accuracy point of view of the machining, controlled to the decimal. The automatic-set-up of the worktables has also allowed us to speed up the machining of the panels by considerably reducing process times".

In 2018, the need for a second machining centre arose. So, Mobart 85 purchased an "accord 25 fx" again with automatic tables, in order to further increase productivity and machining quality. 

"I chose SCM because we believe they offer more advanced technological solutions. I'm not just talking about the technical specifications for machinery and machining centres, like the automatic tables which perform better than other technologies in this category. I'm also talking about their structure, an aspect I have always taken into consideration before making an investment: how the machine was built, how it is controlled, cleaned, its tooling, its tools.... These are all key details for us and ones where SCM came out tops compared to other potential suppliers.

Caslini and his co-workers were also particularly appreciative of the chance to visit the Rimini Group's Technology Center and the Surface Tech Lab, to see the machines first-hand, as well as test them in the company of SCM experts.

"It happened recently when we bought the dmc system - concludes the owner of Mobart 85 - We spent an entire day at the Surface Tech Lab for a practical demonstration of all the machinings on the panel that are key to us, even the most complex ones. 

SCM experts allowed us to test them out, and I really appreciated that because it meant I was making a more informed purchase".

There is no surprise in the fact that, for a company that places so much focus on detail in its machinings, that it is the details that make the difference. Especially when we are talking about investing in technology to modernise one's plants and optimise one's production processes.

Mobart 85

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