Surface planers

The SCM joinery machines are the products of continuing in-house development complementing the sum of the finest skills and know-how.

In the past, in order to sand down wood and make it perfectly even, joiners would use a large manual planer.
Nowadays, technology offers electric surface planers that greatly facilitate the work, making it simpler and guaranteeing excellent results in a short period of time.
A modern surfacing planer for wood has an in-feed table on the surface and an out-feed one which help execute planing; the Scm wood surface planers have ribbed cast iron tables which, thanks to the total absence of vibrations achieved with the large planers, guarantees perfect surfaces.
The planing thickness can be set by adjusting the height of the in-feed table which, in the Scm surface planers, runs on rods, guaranteeing a steady planarity over time.
As is the case with all Scm joinery machines, focus on safety for wood surface planers is extremely high: shaft protection with an integrated support system in the base (SCM patented solution) guarantees maximum safety; in any case, it is always important to wear goggles to protect against sparks caused by scraping blades with the wood and any splinters.
One negative aspect of surface planers is the level of noise. This is why Scm has developed a "silent" planer shaft capable of considerably reducing the noise level by 13 dB compared to a standard planer, see all details on this latest device and watch the video with the silence test in the anechoic chamber!

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