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Edge banders, squaring edge banders - Squaring edge banders - stefani sb one

A single-sided squaring and edgebanding machine for the sequenced machining of panels that differ in terms of size, edgebanding strip and machining operations, with small batches or batch 1. Consisting of a single machining shoulder and specific insertion systems allowing the utmost variation and infeed speed of mixed panels.




stefani sb one guarantees short production times, with the possibility to also manage a single panel inserted at the last moment (and not included in the production list). This high degree of flexibility guarantees a return on the investment in a very short time.

stefani sb one can be inserted in any edgebanding cell architecture (making it possible to achieve the production level planned by the customer) rather than respecting the space available on site.

Each working unit installed on stefani sb one is designed for flexibility (the quick change of the machining operation, the type of glue used, or the type of edgebanding strip). This is made possible by the supervision of the precise, fast software that evaluates every parameter and establishes the production accordingly.

Technical data
Productivity cycles/min from12 up to 18
Feed speed for lengthwise processing m/min 40
Feed speed for crosswise processing m/min 25
Coil edge thickness mm 0.3-3
Max strip thickness mm 1
Max solid wood thickness mm 25
Standard panel thickness mm 10 – 60
Lengthwise passing    
Min/max panel length mm 320-3200
Min/max panel width mm 130-1600
Crosswise passing    
Min/max panel length mm 120-1600
Min/max panel width mm 260-3200
Pneumatic system MPa 6


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