Xcab – Nesting Software

20 Mar 2017

It’s a clichéd statement, but there is no point putting road tyres on a Formula 1 car.  All the power, capacity and ability in the world will not compensate for the fact that the poor tyres are a limiting factor.
Nesting machine software is a similar example. The best machine in the world is useless if it’s cumbersome to drive.
The newly released Xcab software from SCM Group Australia features a visual based control.  This allows the operator to intuitively follow the cabinet design and nesting process from start to finish. Containing a comprehensive cabinet library, Xcab is ready to use straight out of the box.  However one of its strengths is the customisation options.

Customised Designs

Have a cabinet design you do on a regular basis, or a construction method unique to your company?
No problems.
Customise the standard cabinet design, then use this as your default setting.  Xcab is designed to allow your company to be unique.
True shape nesting gives you the best possible return from every sheet you nest.  Cutting down your wastage and your overheads ensures you get a quick return on your investment.

Automated Power

Xcab is powerful enough to handle different panel thicknesses and colours – allowing you to process both cabinetry in 16mm and doors in 18mm.  Xcab automatically separates out doors and sends them to your SCM nesting machine.
Need painted or vacuum formed doors – again, no problem.  Use Xcab to automatically generate a door list for your supplier.

The Xcab Interface

Large graphic images of the cabinets your nesting are shown on screen – it’s a simple and easy to follow process getting a kitchen designed and nested.
You can view the cabinets as a solid component, a transparent component or even an exploded view. This gives you a great view of your selected construction method and machinings.

What’s the best part about Xcab?

Designed for SCM nesting machines and the Australia cabinetmaker.  Tailor made to suit the Australian cabinet industry, Xcab links seamlessly to the SCM range of machines.
The ability to purchase your nesting machine & software from under the one roof gives you a turnkey solution from day one – that’s great peace of mind.

Learn more about Xcab Software or contact SCM Group Australia.