SCM & Aluminium – A Perfect Match

21 Aug 2018

UGA Glass & Aluminium

Beginning as a small business operating out of his own home, owner and director Joe Dosen has grown UGA Glass & Aluminium Solutions into the thriving window and door manufacturer it is today. Servicing both residential and commercial customers, UGA Glass & Aluminium creates both high production and bespoke designs with an emphasis on the highest quality for the best price.

As Joe developed his customer base, the need for increased production quantities and efficiencies grew. While he considered numerous suppliers and machining solutions, Josip found the SCM Group Australia approach to be most helpful.

After a trip to Nuremburg, Germany with SCM Group Australia’s resident FOM expert to see the range of aluminium machines in action, Joe decided on a full suite of machines to best service his customers. This came in the form of a FOM Dali 40 4 Axis Machining Centre, Blitz Alva 500 Double Head Sawing Machine, Mistral 26A Variable End Milling Machine and Sika Plus Mitre Saw.

With only minimal changes required to the power and air setup in his factory, installation of the four machines was straightforward. “I have been able to use my new SCM machines in several ways to improve productivity,” said Joe. “They have definitely met my expectations and helped to save both time and money in the manufacturing process.”

“UGA Glass & Aluminium stands out in the market because we’re always on time, and we are able to deliver exactly what we promise we will,” said Joe. “The SCM machines have been key to improving our efficiency as we’ve grown, so that we can continue to deliver on these promises.”