Just Eco

16 Mar 2020

Established by brothers Michael, Dwayne & Dylan Gunn, along with Jason Winderlich almost 5 years ago, Just Eco was born out of a love for recycled timber and all things carpentry. Nick Evans, manager of Just Eco’s furniture and joinery divisions, is a furniture designer with a passion for processing recycled timber into finished products. 

Servicing a wide demographic of customers from hobbyists right through to major building companies and architects, Just Eco has developed a niche approach to designing timber joinery and furniture pieces. 

“Recycled timber is our mainstay,” said Nick. “Depending on what the customer wants, we can design and produce a finished product that is either dressed or rough sawn. We create a lot of clean dress boards, different furniture pieces, tables, benchtops and vanities, just to name a few.”

Aiming to source as much recycled timber as possible at the best price, Just Eco focus their production on meeting short deadlines at the best possible quality and price. A priority in their process is to produce perfectly straight boards. “Customers love that our boards are never bent or twisted,” said Nick.

For their first few years of operation, Just Eco relied on an old thicknesser and panel saw that were quickly reaching the end of their lives. With a business priority to upscale production, Nick and the company owners knew they needed a full complement of machines to be able to reach their goals. 

“We do produce some generic products, however the majority of our work is bespoke and made to order,” said Nick. “We needed machines that would be able to keep up with our production quantities.”

After careful research and comparison, Just Eco’s full complement of machines consisted of an SCM Si350 Panel Saw, an F410 Class Thicknesser Combination Machine and a 600RCS Wide Belt Sander. 

“Ultimately, choosing to work with SCM Group Australia came down to price. Italian woodworking machinery is of a really high standard, and our new machines have really helped to improve and speed up all of our processes,” said Nick.

“We thrash our machines. We process timber that these machines weren’t designed to process. They hold their heads up with aplomb,” said Nick. 

“We use a vintage 1960s SCM Group Moulder Tenoner I purchased myself about a year ago. It works just as well as our new machines so that says something about SCM longevity.”

For further information contact SCM Group Australia 1300 42 22 38.