How to Make The Cut – The Choice Is Yours

12 Jun 2017

For well over 50 years, the SCM Group has been producing its range of thicknessers, surfacers and combination machines. Their longstanding worldwide reputation for quality design and engineering is well deserved. From the ground up, the machines are practical, reliable and solid. They are engineered to perform all day, everyday.

So How Do You Improve On Perfection?

Tooling is the answer.

Tooling has been the largest focus on traditional machines in recent times. In association with the worlds leading manufacturers of tooling, the SCM group have developed unique solutions for their range of planning machines. The flexibility of the options available means you can customise the machines with working systems that fit the work you need to do.

Planning Machines – Three Available Systems

The first is the traditional system utilising a 120mm diameter cutter block with 4 knives manually set by the operator with the assistance of a setting jig and these knives can be re-sharpened numerous times. Replacement blades are also readily available through all leading tooling suppliers throughout Australia.

The second option is the unique Tersa system. Tersa cutter blocks offer the operator the quickest changeover of blades possible with perfect blade projection with every blade change. Tersa offers a perfectly constant cutting circle due to the locking of the cutter blocks blades by centrifugal force. The knives are reversible and there are various grades of Tersa knife available which are suited to different species of timber. Because of the ease of use and set up, the majority of machines SCM Group Australia supply to the industry are fitted with the Tersa blade system.

Thirdly, SCM completes its range of cutter blocks with Xylent spiral knife cutter block system. The Xylent system was officially unveiled at the 2015 Ligna Woodworking Exhibition. A departure from the straight knife system, the Xylent uses 3 rows of a collective of knives that are positioned within close proximity to each other and spiral around the cutter block. Each knife has four cutting edges and can be rotated as one edge dulls. The spiral design of the Xylent system means that the knife will shear the timber rather than cut directly on it. The benefits of this system include a better quality of cut, reduced noise emission, improved shaving extraction and less working load on the machine motor.

The Xylent system also is available with a maintenance kit to help you get the most out of the cutter block.

All the different options of cutter heads are available throughout the whole SCM Nova, Class & L’invincibile range of thicknessers, surface planers and combination machines. With the added feature of tooling versatility, the SCM range of planers helps you achieve the finish you need. SCM – a cut above the rest.

Learn more about the full range of thicknessers, surface planers and combination machines. Contact SCM Group Australia for more information.