Finding the Perfect Employee

17 Apr 2017

Running a company on your own is no easy feat. Running a successful company on your own and doubling your turnover in 12 months is an even bigger accomplishment, but one that Brady Harris, of Harris Kitchens & Joinery was able to achieve after his first year of operation.

Perfecting his craft throughout his career with a number of well-known commercial kitchen companies, Brady has quickly become known around the Hawkesbury Region of Sydney for his attention to detail and high level of craftsmanship. The majority of Harris Kitchens & Joinery’s projects are top-end, custom built private homes where the average build cost is well over a million dollars. 

Manpower or Machine Power?

Brady’s rise to this level of production was no accident. “Starting out on my own, I had to make the choice between employing staff or tooling up my factory with the right machines for the job,’ says Brady. With cost, reliability and level of experience becoming major concerns during the hiring process, Brady made the conscious decision to choose machine over manpower and invested in a SCM CNC Nesting Machine from SCM Group Australia. “The cost and capabilities of the SCM Pratika 310MF made my decision very easy,” Brady explained.

A versatile nesting machine perfect for a range of joinery applications, the SCM Pratika is able to size, drill and rout nested panels. “For each new home, I typically design, manufacture and install the kitchen, walk-in pantry, laundry, study and barbecue area. I needed a machine that would to be able to cope with different applications and outputs to be able to deliver the different designs I need for each element,” says Brady.

Xcab – The Next Step in Design

The design process with a new client usually starts with a 3D floorplan; however the next step in translating the design to a machining output can often be time consuming. “A major part of my decision to go with the Pratika was that it came out of the box with Xcab Software,” says Brady. “I used to meticulously plan my projects by hand, but with Xcab & the Pratika CNC Machine I just enter in my cabinets and export the design – it has worked out to an average saving of 25 hours for each job.”

So how has the machine over manpower decision panned out for Harris Kitchens & Joinery? “It was definitely the right choice for me,” states Brady. “The hours saved in the design process and the accuracy of the finished panels means that I can guarantee my clients a quality product that is delivered on time, something that is extremely important in the process of building a home.”

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Learn more about the Pratika 310MF and the full range of SCM Nesting Machines, or contact SCM Group Australia for more information.