Customising Flexstore For Your Warehouse

25 Feb 2019

The ultimate in automatic stock and retrieval systems, Flexstore will revolutionise your production process. Designed for manufacturers who need to process orders quickly and keep costs down all while ensuring quality and productivity stays high, Flexstore can be integrated into production lines for nesting, sizing cells and beam saws. The flexible and modular setup caters for every logistical need for every sized company.

The system manages homogeneous and mixed stacks, colours, raw panels and/or panels with low thickness up to 3 mm depending on the material to process. With an instant connection to current SCM machinery or other brands, Flexstore performs quick and accurate materials picking, unloading, cutting and displacement.

With the ability to serve multiple machines using different technologies, Flexstore can be customised to suit any requirements in any warehouse - a complete and versatile solution.

Effective materials management with Flexstore offers:

  • Easy tracking  of any panel inside the storage 
  • Increase of productivity  
  • Reduction of the storage management costs   
  • Maximum care of your panels, with reduced opportunity for scratching and marking
  • A safer working environment

The SCM Flexstore features advanced automation and integration of machines and systems which can work both in a stand-alone capacity and in combination with one another. 

Adapt Flexstore to Your Floor Space

Adapting perfectly to the space available, from a minimum 100m² to much larger areas, Flexstore uses a labelling system to guarantee full traceability and recognisability of every element.

Flexstore is guided amongst the various stacks so as to optimise loading of the machines or to top up or better organise supplies, moving sheets from 3 to 40 millimetres thickness. Always following the best possible trajectory, it guarantees full automation of the entire production process.

The supervisor saves every pass, from the moment when the stack of panels enters the system and is loaded in the store, to the made-to-measure semi-finished product, labelled and ready to be sent on for other steps of the process.

The system’s software allows integrated management of machining off -cuts, for improved use of raw materials and, above all, management of the material even outside the cell.

The supervisor saves the location and, in due course, supplies that information to the operator who can recover the specific element and put it back in the machining cell. There are also complete, effective diagnostics, able to supply production reports and ability to link to external warehouse and factory management systems software.

Contact SCM Australia to discuss your specific requirements, and how Flexstore can be adapted to suit your manufacturing needs.