SCM Group software: expand your creativity

How to change your technology life

An advanced system of software dedicated to all of the different machining technologies, for a fully integrated software experience.


The controller for your production process
WATCH supervision is designed for use in complex automation processes, to centralise and simplify system management. That means optimising production changes, reducing tooling times, programming all machines involved in the process in an integrated, modular way with reports and advanced diagnostics.


The best sizing formula
Watch Store is the new software that allows real time control of the store status, integrating with the operating, sizing and numeric control machines for optimised management of the production process.


The best sizing formula
Ottimo Cut is the software for optimising cutting plans, allowing their automatic creation, optimising the solution using parametrisation that easily adapts to user requirements.


WinCut is the software for managing the sizing process on the machine at both the program creation and execution stages, through the interface connected to the machine PLC, with clear, detailed graphical information for the operator.


Easy edgebanding in full control
E-TOUCH  is the powerful application that allows the programming and supervision of edgebanding machines in a surprisingly fast, intuitive way, thanks to the 3D virtual preview and the can-do


Build your wood solutions
QUICKLINK is the 3D manufacturing software for wooden structural work: an intuitive interface that combines easy data entry, rapid processing and simulation and great flexibility thanks to the different machining strategies. Integrated with the new NESTING functions for x-lam (cross-laminated timber) walls.


Xilog Maestro, a Unique suite

A software suite for the widest range of numerical control machining centres on the market today.


We have always been committed to fulfilling all of our clients’ requirements. This is why we now produce intelligent machines that can be operated simply and quickly thanks to a software platform developed entirely by the SCM Group.

“What to do” instead of “how to do it”!

The user decides the object that he wants to produce and the software generates all the information and manages all the machining operations necessary to produce the required object.

Easy, intuitive, effective.

Xilog Maestro is a software suite for designing and programming specific machining operations for each production process: door and window frames, doors, stairs, furniture, design objects and furnishings.


Unique creativity
CAD/CAM programming software to design all the production processes.


Unique in the creation of 3D objects
The module integrated in the Xilog Maestro suite is designed to program three dimensional objects on 5-axis machining centres.


Unique 3D display
3D Simulator that allows users access to a three dimensional model of their machine in their office and view the operations that will be carried out during the production in advance on their PC.


Unique in edgebanding shaped pieces
It allows users to manage the routing, drilling and treatment of the edges of shaped panels and components.


Unique in the creation of furniture
This application is designed for the home and office furniture sector to design furniture and program cabinet production step by step.


Unique know-how
Maestro APPS is a library of programming functions that are always available and easy to use, developed by the Scm Group for the production of parts for doors, windows, stairs, furniture and furnishings.


Unique nesting process
The module integrated in the Xilog Maestro suite provides all the functions necessary to manage the “Nesting” process: from a simple “rectangular” piece to the most varied and complex “free form” geometrical shapes.


Unique in the labels printing
Maestro Label is the module for labels printing and management that finalizes the whole nesting process. It can also interface with external software and it allows the import of production lists including the labeling data.


Unique in designing doors and windows
The application included in the Xilog Maestro suite is designed for planning and programming each single part of linear and arc-shaped windows, doors and shutters.


Unique connection
Simple connection with sector software houses.
The Xilog Maestro suite features the MSL Connector which allows external softwares to interface with all Scm Group’s machining centres and makes it easier to manage the machining strategies.