valtorta rs - reverse

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valtorta rs - reverse

Valtorta RS has a direct application head and a reverse for the application of base lacquer in high quantities. The head lifting movements and distance adjustment between dosing rollers and applicators take place on precision linear guides. The heads can be removed to facilitate the maintenance operations. The machine also allows adjustment of the misalignment of the upper heads respect to the against-rollers to optimize the result of application on the whole panel. The second head can be excluded to use the machine as a single roller application head.


ACCURACY: Accurate control of the weight of the product applied even in the critical finishing thanks to the accurate application head, it moves on linear guides. High precision motorization system regulated by inverters and orthogonal gearboxes.

EASE: The integrated control keypad can manage the blades, the recirculation elements and the quick replacement system for the applicator roller.

FLEXIBILITY: It is possible to use the machine as a single roller head, thanks to the possibility of excluding the second application head.

Technische Daten
valtorta rs - reverse  
belt width 1370 mm
roller width 1500 mm
working height 900 (±20) mm
panel thickness 3-120 mm
min. panel length 300 mm
application rollers diameter 245 mm
standard hardness of the application rollers 50 Sh
doctor rollers diameter 175 mm
feed speed (others available) 7 - 20 m/min
compressed air consumption 25 NI/min
installed power ca. 5,5 kW
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