dmc mb 60

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Wide belt sanders - Automatic sanding and calibrating machines - dmc mb 60

dmc mb 60 for the finishing of assembled kitchen cabinet doors, doors and windows and similar profiled parts (picture frame strips, cableways, matchboardings, skirting boards) both rough and painted.
The machine is available in two versions, one for brush sanding and the other for texturing.


Ease of use of the machine and maximum freedom of movement, especially when replacing the abrasive brushes thanks to the gullwing opening.

Machine structure is designed to last over time and to grant reliability during brushing operations.

0.2 mm and 0.3 mm brush steel rollers for distressing the panel and Tynex brush with 120 grit for excellent panel texturing.

Technical data
Working width mm 1300
Min/max working thickness with fixed working table mm 1100
Feed belt speed kW 1,1
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