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High productivity CNC Tenoning machine with double worktable

Dedicated to the execution of straight or round end tenons: horizontal, vertical or with an inclination.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive set-up and the new Human-Machine Interface Maestro active joint, it is ideal for customers who want to produce small batches such as samples.



The 4.5 kW tenoning unit make it possible to produce tenons with a reduced number of passes. The tenoning depth is adjusted in the parking area, which is also used for tool maintenance.


High productivity with the Infinity work cycle that uses the interpolation of the two NC axes to execute pendulum machining without interruption, depending on the presence of the workpiece on the worktable. 

Its particular path allows to avoid any chipping of the workpieces.


The full enclosure of the machine ensures protection without reducing its ease-of-use, and keeps the outside environment clean.

The side suction outlets allow to convey shavings and dust towards the extraction system.


It is the new Human-Machine Interface with an extremely simple and effective design, which allows to select numerous macros for straight or round end tenons programming.

Technical data
Workpiece cross-section
With straight cut min. 10 x 10 mm
15 x 8 mm
With straight cut max. 200 x 60 mm
Workpiece length Min. 100 mm
Max. 880 mm
Tenon dimensions Tenon horizontal length max. 200 mm
Thickness max. 30 mm
Height 8 ÷ 50 mm
Tenon inclination 0° ÷ 90°
Productivity max. 720 tenons/hour


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