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Easy to use and equipped with everything you need for the complete edge banding of panels, olimpic k 230 evo is the right answer for the company that wants a professional edge banding.
Today a new model is available, complete with rounding unit, allowing to process the panel without compromises, with a small investment.

on straight and shaped panels: the operation is automatically carried out by the rounding unit and grants optimal finishing, without necessity of further machining.
EASE-OF-USE with the HMI interface Orion One Plus, provided with very intuitive function keys and a 4” display for the control of the main activities.
Automatic and error free cutting with radius of edges thanks to the particular double blade system of the end cutting unit. The function also allows the perfect edge banding of shelves.
RAPID MACHINING CHANGEOVER also automatic, between 3 different types of edges: with radius, chamfered and solid wood up to 3 mm.
Technical data
edge thickness                      mm 0,4-3
panel thickness mm 8-50
feed speed m/min 9
compressed air bar 6
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