An extra year of warranty on L'invincibile, class and nova woodworking machines

9 apr. 2021

An extra year added on to the standard warranty. This is a special occasion when SCM offers customers who have chosen one of the woodworking models in L'invincibile, Class and Nova series. The extension of the warranty to two years is an unmissable opportunity and, above all, completely free. It covers technologies that have been a benchmark in the industry around the globe for almost seventy years. Unique performance, above-standard compared to machines in the same category, and continuous technological innovation are the plus sides that make these leading models stand out the most on the international market.

The initiative is valid for machines manufactured on or after 1 January 2019.

All the details on how to activate the additional year on your warranty for SCM woodworking machines can be found in the attached video. For further information, please use the following e-mail to contact the SCM team: