SCM technological excellence at AWFS Fair 2017


In the vast area of the group's AWFS booth (1200 square metres equivalent to 12,600 square feet), Scm will be presenting the excellence of its woodworking technology that can satisfy the needs of any manufacturer, from heavy duty industry to small craft workshops. Many of these technological breakthroughs can be used to process other materials too. More specifically, visitors can see the “Lean Robot Cell 4.0” at work. This system takes “Industry 4.0” concepts and puts them to practical use. The system is completely automated, served by two anthropomorphic robots and requires only one operator.

“Lean Robot Cell 4.0” is a highly advanced project that Scm has entered for the “Visionary Challenge Award” competition. In Las Vegas, Smartech and ScmConnect will also be unveiled. These two innovative software programs seek to render the group's IT production technology even more user-friendly. The United States of America is a country that has always been extremely generous to Scm, a group that sees itself as an important part of this great nation. This is why the management has decided to support the GOTYOUR6 initiative, a government-recognised institution that supports and empowers veterans.