Tecnologías para casas y elementos para la construcción

Tecnologia para la construccion en madera

Fleischmann Holzbau. Where Routech is at home...

Kulmbach is the capital of the Bavarian district of the same name. Plassenburg castle, famous for containing the world’s largest collection of tin soldiers, dominates the woods and forests. It is in Frankenwald, the Franconian Forest, where wood is abundant...

No doubt the surroundings were an important factor in the Fleischmann family’s decision to make timber their business, first by just installing wooden structures, then, in 2013, working wood, starting to produce elements for roofs, facades and prefabricated houses.

“With Scm Group machines we threw open the doors to a new era for our company certain that we can meet any requirements that our customers may have in future!” - Harald Fleischmann, Director

With a turnover upwards of € 9 million, it has around eighty employees, of which only ten in production, the rest on sites, handling installation. So, just a handful of workers for extensive production, from residential to public, switching between small and large industrial or artisanal structures.

It’s easy to see why: Harald Fleischmann decided to build a modern factory, made entirely of timber, for producing beams, cross laminated panels and for covering, with “made in Scm Group” technologies, an Scm Superset NT throughfeed moulder and two Routech machining centres, Area and Oikos.

It was a major decision in an area where wood has always been worked using traditional technologies.

Fleischmann wanted to go another way, to be a kind of pioneer: “We selected Scm Group’s Italian technology convinced by the expertise, flexibility and seriousness with which our project was treated”, he says.

“We wanted precise, fast machines, modern solutions with a high level of automation. We opted for Routech’s Area portal machining centre to machine all of our panels, whether lighter, for covering, or structural, X-Lam type.

We import files in “Btl” format, the standard for Cad-Cam software for the timber construction sector, and the Routech Quick Link software automatically generates the machining programs.

All with maximum flexibility and the certainty that at any time we can produce made-to-measure elements, to cater even to the most particular requirements of architects, designers or end customers”.

“With Scm Group machines we threw open the doors to a new era for our company – concludes Harald Fleischmann – certain that we can meet any requirements that our customers may have in future!”

Flexibility, user-friendliness, productivity are the strong points of Oikos, the machining centre used by Fleischmann to machine roof or wall beams for “timber frames”, being able to easily manage even very complex elements.

A machine for making standard wooden elements, but also able to machine special workpieces, in a region where wooden architecture is constantly evolving.

A machine that can do anything, from nesting on the walls of a prefab house to 5-axis machining on six sides of a beam, without any subsequent work on site.


Fleischmann (Germany)

Producer of roof and wall elements for prefabricated wooden houses


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