Windorflex launch: an open window on the future of window frames

Jul 6, 2022

Three days deeply focused on innovation, design and eco-sustainability, for an increasingly “future-proof” production. The launch event of Windorflex, the new machining cell for the complete processing of windows and doors, attracted dealers and customers from various countries, in Europe and beyond, to the SCM Headquarters in Rimini.

SCM's new automatic cell showed how it is possible to produce the complete window frame, regardless of the type, with high flexibility and finishing quality.

Being a partner of highly specialised and established window and door manufacturers for seventy years has allowed SCM to listen to the deepest needs of the sector and to develop a solution that could optimise production processes even in the realisation of very different frames. A highly innovative solution such as Windorflex, which due to its characteristics reduces cycle times, increases machining precision and reduces material consumption and waste.

One of the most appreciated advantages of the cell is the Maestro active windoor software, which is able to 'dialogue' with the most diverse software available on the market, in order to make things as easy as possible for companies in the sector.

Thanks to the customers who, with their suggestions, have enabled the SCM team to create a cutting-edge automatic cell, tailored to the specific needs of the market.

Now all that remains is to 'fly high' with Windorflex, aiming for new ambitious goals!