Success and Christmas magic for SCM at Woodex

Dec 9, 2019

Once again, the SCM stand proved to be a strong attraction point, where it not only met with demands from the entire woodworking industry with its technologies but also provided real time demonstrations of the latter. The 2019 edition of Woodex has drawn to a close to the immense satisfaction of the SCM team and guests, and in perfect pre-Christmas style. An excellent turnout, especially from large furniture companies, and considerable interest shown in the group's vast range of solutions, starting with those specifically designed for panel processing.

Most of all, visitors and professionals from the woodworking sector were attracted to the finishing technologies, taking centre stage in the Surface Technologies Corner. Thanks to the "team effort" from the innovative Dmc sanding machine structuring unit, capable of top quality, aesthetic finishings, and the Superfici Compact 3 Hy sprayer with its huge potential, Christmas stars with a scribbling effect were created which brought a magical Christmas atmosphere to the days during the event. A similar evocative effect was produced by the wooden Christmas Tree created by the talented craftsmen from WorldSkills who had an opportunity to get to grips with the SCM joinery machinery. A big thank you from the whole team and special Christmas wishes to the visitors and woodworking professionals who hastened to the SCM exhibiting stand and to the partners and dealers who ensured this event offered plentiful interaction, opportunities and "magical" encounters.