Stefani x honoured at Eurobois

Jun 20, 2022

SCM's new stefani x industrial edgebander won the prestigious Eurobois Award at the Trade Fair held in Lyon, one of the French market's most important events in the woodworking industry.

The award was given on 15 June, on the second day of the trade fair, and is recognition for the outstanding innovation featured in this new made in SCM edgebanding solution. Some of the advantages that the jury appreciated most include, "the reduction in consumption of the edge thanks to the electronic gluing and the amount of glue saved with the automatic adjustment of the dose during application".

This victory at the Eurobois Awards is proof of how congenial stefani x is to the furniture and design industry's production needs, that looks for efficient, reliable solutions for achieving maximum machining quality on any kind of panel or material, even the most delicate. During the trade fair, visitors to Eurobois have shown considerable interest in the numerous advantages on offer: excellent production flexibility even when changing the glue, efficiency over several shifts a day, high-end electronic units to optimise even the most complex machinings and digital solutions in line with Industry 4.0.

"We are particularly proud - says Fabio Cernoia, BU Manager of SCM technologies for the edgebanding -. Stefani x is an all-round, outstanding technological project that has involved fantastic teamwork. This prize is the result of excellent work carried out by the SCM team to launch a solution onto the market that can truly make a difference".



In the photo to the left, the Product Manager Adriano Costanzi, SCM France's Country Manager Fabrizio Anzalone, Regional manager Fabrizio Pazzaglia, BU Manager Fabio Cernoia, Product Area Manager Francesco Bottini and SCM France's Sales Manager Christophe Granjus as they receive the prize.