Spotlight on the new Windorflex window cell

Jun 30, 2022

Great interest for the launch of Windorflex, the new automatic machining cell for the complete production of windows and doors. Many customers visited the Rimini Headquarters, coming from different European markets and beyond. Together with the SCM team, they could discover the numerous advantages of the SCM cell, which allows clients to perform all the necessary operations for producing window and door frames, regardless of the type, with a single solution. 

Flexible, accurate, designed to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding and design-conscious market, Windorflex immediately amazed with its technical features: from the innovative and modular worktable to the Maestro active windoor software. 

Customers were also able to learn more about other SCM technological solutions for windows and doors with dedicated demos on moulding and surface treatment. 

The Windorflex presentation also attracted the trade press, with a dedicated tech tour and a 'journey' through SCM's 70th Anniversary.

SCM's very wide range of products and services, tailored to every production need, once again played a leading role in the world of woodworking!