Scm Group turns seventy: a story of courage, brilliance and passion

Jul 21, 2022

Scm's first woodworking machine dates back to 1952.
From that point onwards, a long history of global successes and acquisitions, first in woodworking and then in other materials.

The Group has been led from the outset by the Aureli and Gemmani families with the mission to offer the widest range of woodworking solutions at an international level.

Scm proudly celebrates this prestigious 70-year goal of accompanying the customer through each of the processes linked to the world of panels, solid wood, timber construction and woodworking. 

Luigi De Vito, SCM Division Director and Group General Manager has no doubts about their main objectives: "We aim to be even closer to our customers with highly personalised solutions, tailored to suit their specific requirements".
Scm is taking a further step in that direction to guarantee even more direct contact, from consulting and sales to after sales. De Vito continues: "To us, this means offering continuous and more valid support to our customers; fully understanding and anticipating what they really need, as well as providing even more pro-active recommendations".
In order to achieve this, Scm is investing in the skills of its global team, on the technical, sales and after sales side, and the Group's training Campus centre is playing a key role in this.

Simultaneously, the Group is upping its digital transformation process on two levels:  internally, renewing organisational and international models with the customer throughout the customer's journey, and at a level of the product and services offered "to be even closer to their business needs and jointly study the best strategy for smart manufacturing".

For Scm, all this translates into digital and connected technologies designed for more efficient, sustainable factories; IoT systems that allow the customer to preserve and enhance their technologies throughout the entire life cycle; tools, such as the new MySCM portal, enabling a vast range of services to view, gather and analyse all the information on production performance in real time; a Service team that can deal more simply and effectively with cases, providing faster answers and "how to" solutions to guide customers in a knowledge sharing logic. 

The research and development investments are another pillar: "Not only do we set aside 7% of the Group's annual turnover for R&D - continues De Vito - but we can also rely on an Innovation team with multi-disciplinary skills that allow us to have an open, forward-thinking approach that goes beyond the specific applications of our sectors, once again to the full advantage of the customer".
The investment plan places sustainability in first place both for internal processes as well as products and services, "to offer the customer solutions that reduce the space occupied in the factory, machining times and margins of error, and keep down costs linked to energy consumption and waste of resources and material".

Stability, internationalisation, innovation and people: the values that have always been a part of Scm Group, as much today as in the past.