SCM Group Asia on "Panels & Furniture ASIA"

Nov 3, 2017

Set in Selangor, Malaysia, SCM Asia R-Evolution hosted customers and visitors from 5th to 6th October to discover the latest technology at SCM. Stepping into the showroom set on the ground floor, six SCM machines greeted visitors. For instance, the DMC Sander was available to allow them to experience first-hand the complex machine that has the ability to work with high production volumes.

Beam saw Gabbani S was also presented as an ideal solution for the advanced woodworker and small woodworking companies. In addition, the Smart Glue Pot, or also known as "SGP", and the pre-melting unit PU BOX L demonstrated their ability in achieving the perfect joint line, making SCM’s edgebander one of the best.

While tailor-made machines were not on display, SCM is able to provide the full automatic line with loading and unloading for customers seeking these personalised machines. "The company also ships all over Asia and is the hub in Asia too," said Luca Melis, Product Area manager of SCM Group APAC. 

The drive to do more for their customers can be seen at SCM Group Malaysia where the showroom has expanded from just three machines to six now. "Because our 2017 slogan is 'SCM is more', we want to do more for our customers and we want to be more for them," said Nico Sassolini, managing director of SCM Group Malaysia. And this is the Italian hospitality at SCM Group Malaysia: good food, solid technology and impressive service.